Our award-winning learning and development team provides curriculum for all phases of employee development. First, they provide onboarding and soft-skill training to create a solid foundation. Next, our Leadership Development programs provide a more intensive look at how to be a functional and effective leader with job-specific training to help you be successful in your role. Our employees enjoy opportunities for professional and personal growth through a variety of mediums to keep it exciting, such as self-paced courses, group learning experiences, videos, and podcasts.


Leadership Courses

We know that employees are looking to grow their career and we have the leadership training available to ensure employees are prepared and confident in their abilities as they step into new leadership roles. 

Public Speaking Skills

Whether you are in a management or individual contributor role, it’s likely your role will require public speaking. Our courses are designed to meet you where you are and help you grow your communication skills.

Functional Training

Many roles require skills that are specific to that department or role. Our Functional Training team creates trainings and courses that deliver the learnings that you need to master your role and excel with our company.

See how BNSF Logistics Employee, Juan Borque, followed his passion by utilizing the Tuition Reimbursement perk

BNSF Logistics offers a tuition reimbursement plan as part of our perks and benefits. Employees have taken advantage of this perk in order to grow their knowledge in their current line of work or have utilized this benefit to grow laterally and make a switch in the company. Juan Borque, a Branch Manager, obtained his Masters of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics and in 2020 he was able to join our Data Science team. Before he finished his degree and made the transition to our Data Science team, Juan would find ways to apply what he was learning into his work in order to experiment on the concepts to help bring his classroom training into the workplace. Before he moved into his new role Juan was working with his manager on projects using his data scientist knowledge to help the organization advance. Juan followed his passion and by doing so he found new ways to grow within the organization. Where will your passion take you?