At BNSF Logistics, we are committed to creating and sustaining a culture where respect, inclusion, and valuing each other's differences are embedded in everything we do. By leveraging our unique experiences and abilities in an inclusive work environment, we will foster innovation to ensure first-class service and support for our customers, communities, and each other.

Our Guiding Principles serve as the framework for our DEIB pillars. Our guiding principles are centered on the notion of creating a place where every customer and employee is welcomed, respected, appreciated, and able to be themselves.

Diversity is any characteristic that differentiates groups and individuals from one another. Diversity encompasses a range of similarities and differences including, but not limited to race, gender, religion, age, and sexual orientation.

Equity asks us to acknowledge that everyone has different needs, experiences, and opportunities. Often used interchangeably, equity and equality mean different things and lead to different results. Equality means treating everyone the same, but equitably focuses on individual needs. In a diverse workplace, differences exist, and people require support in different ways.

Inclusion is the process of creating a working culture and environment that recognizes, appreciates, and effectively utilizes the talents, skills, and perspectives of every employee. It connects each employee to the organization and encourages collaboration, flexibility, and fairness. An inclusive environment is one where different perspectives are encouraged and valued.

Belonging in the workplace means feeling valued through positive connections with others and being able to bring their full and authentic self to work and not feel like a different person than when they’re at home. Belonging is the feeling of security and support when there is a sense of acceptance, inclusion, and identity for a member of a certain group.

DEIB in Action

Our Pillars

Strategy & Operations: We will DRIVE INNOVATION AND EMBRACE TRANSFORMATION by ensuring all policies, practices and processes are established to strengthen and support  DIVERSITY, EQUITY, INCLUSION & BELONGING. We are committed to cultivating and leveraging the unique contributions of our teams to provide a safe and equitable work environment.

Culture: We will RESPECT & SERVE EVERYONE and PROTECT THE WELL-BEING OF OURSELVES AND OTHERS by creating a culture where every team member is heard and has a sense of belonging. We will continuously seek out ways to remedy challenges and barriers that may hinder our progress.

Talent: We will KEEP OUR COMMITMENTS to focus on attracting, retaining, and developing talent with diverse ways of thinking and backgrounds like the customers, clients and teams we serve. We will improve the employee experience by establishing safeguards that ensure the employment journey is free from all forms of unconscious bias.

Outreach: We will RESPECT, SERVE & FOSTER A COLLABORATIVE AND INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY by establishing relationships with organizations in communities we serve and reside that focus on giving back to the underprivileged and underrepresented populations. We will search for opportunities to align our talents, resources and time to support that which are important to our communities.


Employee Resource Groups

Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership (WIL) membership is open to all employees who are interested in learning about and growing their leadership capabilities. WIL strives to have members grow personally and professionally.


Emerging Professionals Network

Are you new to the company, new to the logistics industry, or new to the workforce? Then the Emerging Professionals Network (EPN) is the place for you! Our ERG brings employees together to learn, network, and have fun!


The H.O.P.E. (Helping Others with Purpose and Equity) strives to engage our employees in meaningful activities which promote serving and supporting the communities we live in.



We believe the best results come from a diverse mix of experiences and perspectives and we leverage diverse talents, perspectives and resources to challenge and push us forward as a company.


                In 2020, BNSF Logistics launched Employee Resource Groups
                as a diversity and inclusion initiative, with Women in Leadership
                as the charter ERG. All ERGs are employee led, because BNSF
                Logistics’ leadership believes the best work is done by those who
                are passionate. Hear more about the ERG launch in the video to the