At BNSF Logistics, we know that the military helps hone skills that are also effective in the business world. We are currently in the discovery phase of building out programs and initiatives that benefit the veterans who are currently working at BNSF Logistics and those who may join us in the future. As they’ve continued to respect and serve others, we will continue to respect and serve them. Read below to learn more about a veteran at BNSF Logistics who is passionate about easing the transition for other veterans.

Meet CPL Michael Dean, USMC hydraulic mechanic on Huey and Cobra helicopters during Desert Storm and currently, Director – Project Management Office (PMO) at BNSF Logistics. While he is now doing civilian work like setting up the entire company to work with an Agile methodology and enhancing our abilities to deliver what the company needs from a project perspective, he arrived there through the hard work and discipline that a military background can build. 

He took a transition class and then arrived home from Desert Storm with his brother (see photo above). He then relied on friends, family, and the local VA to help him navigate the challenging transition phase from active duty to a civilian life of college and work.  He never fully transitioned out of the skills the Marine Corps instilled in him, however, and used the foundational trainings in logical thinking, good work ethic, discipline and leading through influence and example to start a professional career. He worked an overnight job while attending college for computer programming. He says he didn’t pursue a job in the field he was trained in while in the service (hydraulic systems), but he found the logic he had used was very much related to the computer programming training he undertook in college. While he had a good work ethic before, the service reinforced those work and leadership skills and helped him to build his career into what it is now – leading the Project Management Office for a billion-dollar company as a Director. Once a leader, always a leader. Once a Marine, always a Marine.  

After living through a transition of his own, he offers the following advice to veterans who are transitioning from military to civilian work: “Listen, learn, and work to understand how things are done at the company at which you decide to work.” He remembers the feeling of importance and brotherhood he had while in the Marine Corps and has continued to allow that to guide him in his professional career, ensuring that his work continues to make a difference, no matter what the job title is. 

He challenges BNSF Logistics to take up the fight to foster a collaborative and inclusive community that will help make the transition from military to civilian work easier for veterans. The military, for him, was a foundation that he has since built upon, like many veterans, and those skills can help them be successful at BNSF Logistics. We are dedicated to not only respect and serve everyone, but also protect the well-being of all. We accept the challenge to ensure BNSF Logistics is a great place to work and make a difference. Will you join us?  Join Our Talent Community to stay up to date with Veteran focused learning and career opportunities at BNSF Logistics.